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Undoubtedly, bicycles are experiencing a period of splendor, everyone is joining in: alone, with friends, with family…, for sport or as a comfortable and cheap means of transportation.

In the last 30 years, the bicycle has gone from being a children’s toy to an urban transport, to practice sports with friends and family.

Read on and you will surely be interested.


Bicycles for all groups, depending on the lifestyle many have several types, because the one who is an amateur is so in all its modalities:

  • Mountain biking on weekends for touring
  • Foldable to move around the city
  • Hybrid for weekends and city commuting
  • Urban or so-called Dutch, comfortable and adapted to the city
  • or the latest fashions such as ultra-light and minimalist bikes for the city.


There are countries that already offer, as one of their tourist attractions, their bicycle routes or their cities without smoke and noise thanks to this 2-wheeled transport.

Cities such as Amsterdam (Netherlands), where more than 60% of trips are made by bicycle, or Copenhagen (Denmark), where even politicians use this means of transport, are becoming increasingly attractive. In Barcelona, for example, you can see more and more groups of tourists touring the city on bicycles.

But the routes do not stay in the cities, roads, excursions, mountain bike routes, there are more and more alternatives offered by the countries that have joined the new wave of cycling. For example, you can go from the Danish capital to the German capital via a 620km car-free route.


Traveling, meeting countries and people enjoying this sport/hobby is something that already unites many people in many countries. Brands such as Brompton are already typical in many cities and communities of fans of this type of bike have been created around the brand. The brand has become an icon of a modern, healthy and practical type of person who enjoys the day-to-day pleasure of riding a bicycle around town. Quite a revolution.

Other alternatives are pleasure trips looking for routes to do by bicycle, websites such as offers you endless possibilities to travel through Europe with family, friends, easy, difficult, urban or mountain routes, or the website where they give you all the facilities you need to enjoy your cycling trip, organizing luggage transfers, maps, guides, hotels, etc.

Via Families offers you to find, on its web community, students or families like you, who are fond of cycling, to make sport, cultural and linguistic exchanges with each other.


For your health the bicycle is a good ally, here are some advantages and benefits that cycling can bring you, however you do it, everyone at their own level and pace:

  1. It is an activity that helps us to increase lung capacity.
  2. It helps us burn general and specific fat.
  3. Indicated for people with ligament problems
  4. Do not load the joints (hip, knee, ankles) as in running.
  5. And the best part: it secretes endorphins, i.e. it generates optimism and a more positive attitude towards life.

Via Families proposes you to contact people and families like you. Meet sportsmen and women who love cycling, discover their country and their routes and show them yours.

Share your hobby!

So get on a bike, you have many to choose from. What is yours?

Enjoy this great video via Youtube Bicycling in the Netherlands

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