I am Ana,

We met Christiane, Felix’s mom, through Via Families.

We contacted her through the messaging platform and quickly realized that our interests and needs were very similar, and that we could arrange an exchange between Ignacio and Felix.

Felix stayed with us and integrated as one of the family. During meals, he was able to practice the language with us, and later with my son Ignacio, who is the same age. They went out with friends, continued learning, and got to know Barcelona, our customs, and places of interest.

Ignacio is scheduled to visit Felix in the UK and play a tennis match. I believe it has been very enriching to get to know another boy the same age as my son and his family, who are also interested in doing exchanges with us.

It has been a good and recommendable experience for all of us, and a pleasure to have met Christiane and Felix thanks to Via Families.

Ana, Barcelona

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