There are 9 golden rules to be a great host, whatever the type of guest. They are not complicated but they are very useful.

Making the person next to you feel comfortable is the best way to demonstrate your education, regardless of our customs or culture. The rules of education or courtesy say a lot about the guest and especially about the host.

Always placing the needs of others above ours, would be a good premise.

Experience the joys of being a host family and create lifelong memories.

But, how do we have to act when having a guest at home? Here we leave you 9 useful recommendations that  will help you:

First, what type of guest is it: a friend, is he coming for dinner or lunch, or is it someone you don’t know very well, is it a commitment? In any of the cases, you must always think that the guest has to feel comfortable, overwhelming him with too many compliments can make him uncomfortable as well as not paying him adequate attention.

In the event that it is a person who is going to live in your house for a while, it is best that you always think about how you would like to be cared for and keep these premises in mind:


  • Greeting: The first thing you should do as a househost is to welcome your guest. Invite him in. Feel totally relaxed and comfortable, this will emanate good energy and create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Offer a drink, food – your guest may come from a long journey hungry, thirsty or tired. Invite them to have a drink or something to eat. It is possible that they are tired, offer them to wash and rest if they wish.
  • Basic needs: provide them with everything they may need. For example, clean towels, clean sheets, toiletries for the bathroom…
  • Make them feel comfortable: make it clear “my house is your house”. Do everything possible to make them feel at home. For example, give them guidance in the kitchen, so they can help themselves whenever they want.
    Show them your room from him and anything you need to know for your stay from him. But don’t overwhelm him with too much information.


Operation of the house and limits of the stay: show your gesture, it is important that he become familiar with the house.

  • Give a schedule:
    Briefly explain to your guest what your plans are, your schedules, when you will be home, when the meals will take place, kitchen menus…
  • Privacy: Give them space and privacy. If he wants to be alone in his room, rest, or take a nap, respect that. You don’t need to keep them busy all the time.
  • Tidy and Clean House – Make sure everything is clean, neat and tidy, especially your room. You can even leave fresh flowers in her room as a way of welcoming her.
  • Ask for arrival information: and last but not least, coordinate with your guest so that you are ready for when they arrive and receive them at the right time with a great welcome.

Finally, any standard or custom of the house is much better and more comfortable for everyone to speak from the first day.

I hope you have served this post to prepare the arrival of your guests.

We found a video from the blogger Amy Aniobi about “How To Be a Good Host”  vía Youtube, that might be helpful to complement this information.

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