Advantages of an exchange with family in Spain

Sagrada Familia Barcelona

. If you go to Spain on an exchange program, it is important that you prepare yourself taking into consideration the particularities of this country as its system of government, climate, traditions, and economy, as we explain in this Spain Guide for exchange students. In addition to the above, you should know that Spain is a country with a broad history and cultural tradition, very warm people and beautiful cities where thousands of tourists arrive year after year. However, this country is also the preferred destination of many exchange students.

University of Jaén

Indeed, Spain’s exchange programs offer many benefits for your professional life and cultural development.

Regarding this point, one of the main advantages of Spain over other countries in which exchange programs, also take place is its renovated universities, which have an excellent educational level at good prices, as well as magnificent infrastructures.

In addition, in these educational centers study programs are taught in Spanish, which is today one of the most spoken languages in the world.

On the other hand, Spain is among the most multicultural countries in the European Union.

Latin Americans turn to Spain for cultural and linguistic proximity, but also Americans and Asians to learn the Spanish language.

In addition, this country offers a safe environment with little endemic violence in which students can experience the joyful Spanish festivities, social gatherings, and its gastronomic culture.

Spain has dreamy tourist places, that you can visit in your free time, and do so within the framework of an exchange program.

The experience is much more special if in your spare time you visit places to remember.

Advantages of living with a host family

The advantage is that during exchange programs, students are truly integrated into the culture of the host country, so they can have experiences reserved only for those who live there.

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Thus, with the help of their host family, they will obtain information from people in the area, which will make them live a totally different experience from that of a tourist. 

In fact, a tourist can perfectly meet people and have a good time, but it will be difficult for him to develop personal relationships at the same level as the exchange student.

For example, it is not the same to go to Barcelona and stay in a hostel than to do it at the house of a friend who is from Barcelona, knows the city perfectly and other people with whom one can not only visit the city but also go. to private social gatherings.

Other advantages

Another great advantage of exchange programs in general is that the student will live with a host family and will be able to develop special bonds with the members of said host family.

These people will not only give you valuable information, but they will be absolutely interested in the well-being of the student.  His adaptation in the host country and the command of Spanish, reinforcing the learning of this language at home as well.

As you can see, going to Spain on an exchange program offers you multiple advantages that you can’t miss.  All you have to do is make the decision to embark on this wonderful journey. Are you interested in going to Spain on an exchange program? Please contact us.

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