Advantages of hosting an exchange student

Advantages of hosting an exchange student

For many, it is a dream to travel to another country, be it just for pleasure, work or study purposes while learning a different language.

However, only a few braves make this dream come true by joining an exchange program. Thanks to which they stay in the house of people who at first are total strangers, but end up becoming great friends in the long run. These are the main benefits of hosting an exchange student:

Advantages of hosting an exchange student
Host family

1. The possibility of teaching valuable information to another human being

Being able to teach someone is just as rewarding as giving a gift: it feels better than receiving.
Hosting exchange students is a deeply enriching experience for the host family.
It allows its members to meet people from other cultures without leaving home.

It is an unparalleled opportunity to see the world through the eyes of others and bring home some of their pieces.

The moment a family agrees to host an exchange student, they enter a new cultural system and integrate into the new country.
Likewise, hosting an exchange student is a commitment, since they must be treated as a new member of the family. You will need help to learn the language of the host country.
Of course, such a student should ideally acquire a formal education in that language, but the lessons at home will undoubtedly constitute a fundamental reinforcement in learning it.

2. Personal growth

If you are looking for a way to grow as a person, hosting an exchange student gives you the perfect opportunity to do so, since it exposes you to live a series of situations in which you must be patient, tolerant and, above all, empathetic.

3. The chance to step outside the comfort zone

At the beginning of this experience, everything may seem strange because of what it takes to host a foreign student that has its own customs. Therefore, for the exchange student to adapt better, it is important to know more about its origin, values, and interests. The advantage of this is that the members of the host family must, like the exchange student, leave their comfort zone and carry out actions to make coexistence sustainable.

In this sense, the exchange student must be adequately treated. To this end, the members of the host family should be passionate about cultural exchanges. On the other hand, concerning the maintenance of the exchange student, the hosting family is usually responsible for providing breakfast and dinner to the exchange student from Monday through Friday and all meals during weekends. However, details like these are established in documents that must be signed before the exchange program takes place.

4. Additional help concerning household chores

Of course, it’s a “two-way street”. The exchange student must comply with the host family’s rules and collaborate on household tasks. However, said family must also consider that in many cases these students are adolescents, so the responsibilities assigned to them should match their age and never interfere with their class schedule nor the fulfillment of their academic assignments.

5. Making new friends

Advantages of hosting an exchange student
Making new friends

In short, hosting exchange students is an unforgettable experience, a way to help other people and, subsequently, a chance to make new friends around the world. Naturally, a person who leaves their country of origin and is received and treated kindly by a host family will always be grateful to them for life. Then, hosting an exchange student can be the beginning of a lasting bond.

Are you interested in hosting an exchange student? Contact us or continue reading if you want to learn about the advantages of doing so.

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