5 Reasons to make an exchange to Ireland

Intercambio Irlanda

The idea of participating in an exchange program may not be clear when you have not determined the country you are going to, and once you have done so, it is common to wonder how will I be treated in that country? Will I be able to adapt easily? Such questions are normal. One way to calm any anxiety regarding this issue is to consider and give priority to those places that have extensive experience in exchange programs; such is the case of Ireland, a country that has inspired thousands of legends, myths, novels, songs, etc. Ireland has always been a talking point; in fact, as these lines are being written, it is one of the most appreciated tourist sites. Here are five reasons why you should make an exchange to Ireland:

Hapenny Bridge in Dublin.

1. The official language is English

In Ireland you can acquire a very advanced level of English. Although the first official language of this country is Irish-Gaelic, it is spoken by a minority; instead, the majority of Irish people speak English, which is recognized in the Irish constitution as the secondary official language. This is important to consider, as if you have the objective of learning English during an exchange program, you can do so in this Ireland. There you will receive a quality education, taught by people who were born and raised through the use of English. In addition, the dynamics of an exchange program involve constant exposure to the language of the host country, which is English in the case of Ireland, so you will be able to practice and improve it intensively for the duration of the exchange program.

2. Irish hospitality

The Irish are proud of their land, history and customs, but not only that: they are very friendly and sociable. In fact, they are known for their great friendliness to each other and to foreigners, who in many cases come to consider Ireland as a second home. The biggest difficulty you might have when dealing with an Irish person would be speaking their language, a barrier that you will overcome in a short time for the reasons already explained, but otherwise they will welcome you cheerfully, regardless of your background. One way to socialize with them is by going to pubs, thanks to the atmosphere in these places.

3. Beautiful tourist sites

The Cliffs of Moher

Another advantage of going on an exchange to Ireland is the possibility to visit many beautiful and interesting places in your free time. If you’re in Dublin, you won’t have to leave the city to see impressive structures such as Dublin Castle and the cathedrals Sr. If you want to see beautiful scenery, you can go to any of the many parks in the city, such as Phoenix Park, St. Patrick’s Park and Christ Church. Stephens Green. You can also go to the Liffey River, have a drink in a pub or attend cultural events in the city.

But Dublin is not the only place in Ireland with attractions. To name a few, you can also visit the Fota Nature Park, located in Cork, the Aran Islands in Galway, the Moher Acandilados in the Buuren region, and the Foynes Flying Boat Museam, based in Limerick.

4. The experience is unparalleled

Dublin and all of Ireland in general have that “I don’t know what” that makes certain places so special. Perhaps it’s the beautiful coastal scenery, exquisite whiskies, its Celtic tradition or the fact that this country produced such notable classic writers as Oscar Wilde and James Joyce, but the experience of going to Ireland is unparalleled.

On the other hand, leaving your home country will always result in an opening to the world, to new experiences and new paradigms. In that sense, Ireland offers you another view of the world, which invites you to learn more about yourself. In addition, this country is extremely dynamic, and its capital is a very active city where you are constantly involved in some activity. So the exchange will serve you to have a learning experience that will go far beyond the language. Dare to get to know Ireland and its people.

5. Incentives for companies that result in job opportunities

Ireland is not only friendly not only to people but also to companies all over by giving them incentives. Thus, the labor market is constantly expanding, so it is not surprising that in addition to the learning you acquire on this island, your relationships with the Irish will lead you to meet people who are interested in your talent or, if you are an entrepreneur, you can give life to your business project.

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