Sport & Peace

Sport has the power to unite people from around the world, no matter where you’re from, what you look like or what language you speak, everybody loves playing or watching it.


Sport unites people: No matter your race, nationality or religion; tennis, basketball and football are the same in every country.

But how?

Sport’s secret power to unite is its rules. While that might sound a bit boring, every game’s rules are an International language that we can all accept and understand.

From the beginners to the pros, everyone plays by the same rules. This is how sport unites people on the playing field; no matter what country you’re from or what language you speak, everybody can join in.

We associate sport with moments of leisure, free time and fun, so doing it with other people makes us associate these people with those good times.

Both of these aspects mean that practicing sports and socialising in another country will undoubtedly help you to learn the language.

Due to the variety of events which surround sport, many young people are travelling to other countries to learn languages, fully immersing themselves in it while practicing their favourite sports or even picking up a new one

Sport is without a doubt an International language that destroys borders and brings countries together.


Physical Education is about much more than just teaching people to be healthy, it’s about teaching people a universal language that will help them communicate with others through sport.

Learning respect, generosity and sportsmanship will take you further than winning any tournament or game.

Effort, determination and sacrifice are virtues that every sport demands. The prize does not necessarily have to be winning, but can be any kind of personal triumph.


According to the New York Times How Exercise Could Help You Learn a New Language, Sport can actually play a vital role in how we learn languages, as exercising can improve mental function and understanding.

In a series of laboratory Studies, scientists have proven that the human brain learns differently when we exercise. Students that did some kind of physical activity during the day consistently performed better than their classmates who had not.

This is because exercise and sport changes the way our brain works, rejuvenating it and making it more malleable, allowing new information to get in and be absorbed more easily.

Because sport is effort, love, personal reward, joy, overcoming and friendship, that is why it does not understand borders or languages, we all speak the same language, sport breaks borders, unites nations fosters peace.

We leave you this beautiful video, of 11 years ago, where it does not mean winning or losing, but the overcoming in sport.
Father runs triathlon with his son in tow

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