Exchange between Familias

Imagine meeting a family like yours in another country. Imagine you become friends. Now imagine being able to give your children the opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture, have friends from all over the world, speak different languages and become an open and cultivated person.

host family exchanges are an economical and safe way to carry out youth educational stays. The guest becomes a member of the host family and is integrated into the host family’s routine.

Families willing to host and travel are open-minded, hospitable, enterprising, receptive and tolerant.


1. 100% language immersion:

This is undoubtedly the biggest advantage. The guarantee that you will learn the language of the country is practically real, since at school, with friends and at home, the language of the country will be the language of the country.

2. A lifelong friendship

The bond that is created between two people who live together under the same roof and receive the same treatment and education grows stronger every day. An opportunity like this can mean a lot for the future.

3. Open-mindedness and tolerance

Whether you are hosting or traveling, the best thing to do is not to create expectations or prejudices and to be receptive to any new scenario. Because what is certain is that it will be different, since the only thing you know is what you know at home.

4. New habits and customs:

Becoming part of a family means adopting their customs, accepting their routines, their cuisine, hobbies and interests. It can be an opportunity to learn a new sport! Who knows if your son is going to be the new soccer ace.

5. An economical option

The cost of family exchanges is practically nil, as it is a free of charge option. The interest is to mutually benefit from what the stay and the family itself can benefit the children.

In short, family-to-family exchange seems to be a very good option for the needs and circumstances in which we live today. Where the demand for languages is increasingly higher, the willingness to travel in this globalized world is highly valued and family economic resources are no longer so abundant.

Via Families is at your disposal so that you can make an exchange between families, facilitate and help you in the education of your children, so that you can offer them the best you have at your disposal.

I leave you a video about a girl who is going to go on exchange to an American family living in Texas.

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