5 reasons why it is important to study English

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English is not the most spoken language in the world, but it is the main language in several sectors that move the world such as: business, finance, economy, it is the most internationalized language.

Knowledge of this language is the door that opens the door to many well-valued jobs.

Become a host family and create lasting memories with international students.

Aware of this, Spaniards begin to study English from the age of three; in fact, it is the country in the European community where the study of this language begins the earliest. Not only that, but in Spain priority is given to the study of English, even over subjects such as mathematics.

Are you undecided about studying this language? In this article we will tell you the 5 reasons why it is important to learn English.

1. Trouble-free travel to English-speaking countries

Crandon Park, Miami

Surely you know the reasons why it is important to know how to speak English correctly.

American movies seduce us not only with their special effects but also with their dream locations that invite you to visit them.

We have seen places like the theme parks in Orlando, the paradisiacal beaches of Hawaii, or the skyscrapers of New York hundreds of times and they arouse our interest.

However, unless your destination is Miami, which is predominantly Spanish-speaking, the chances are that if you travel to the United States or any English-speaking country, you will need to communicate in English.

English, is the quintessential international language, so if you travel to non-English speaking countries, chances are you can communicate through English in these places as well.

In conclusion, knowing English is essential, especially when traveling. Although if you travel it is the most practical and fastest way to learn it, especially if you do it as part of an exchange program.

2. To have access to more information

Increased access to information

Sure there are songs in English that you love but you have no idea what they say.

Learning English will open the doors to other sources of information; For example: you may be researching on Google about a specific topic and you will not get information in Spanish, but you will surely find it in English.

Not only that, but there are certain careers for which you must necessarily speak English, and for which interesting publications in specialized magazines are in English.

Certainly, there is the Google translator, and many programs and applications that help in this regard, but those resources are not 100% accurate, so it is convenient that you master the language if you are interested in studying.

3. Working in transnational companies

With so much wealth accumulating in the English-speaking countries mentioned above, there are naturally many companies based in these countries and others that are not, but are equally interested in reaching an audience of more than 1.2 billion people. As a result, the need for English-speaking personnel is so high that an English speaker is often better paid than someone with a graduate degree, and in fact those who are fluent in English are 20% more likely to be hired. So which side do you want to be on?

4. Meet more people

Learning English paves the way for you to meet many people. In fact, this language is spoken by at least half of the population of 45 countries and by 10% of the population of 13 others, so if you speak English and travel to these countries you will be able to relate better with their people.

Moreover, in this globalized world it is not necessary to travel to meet people, from any corner of the world thanks to the Internet and learning English will also increase your chances of interacting with people of all nationalities.

5. Benefit from the general advantages of being bilingual.

Not only does mastering another language reduce the propensity to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, but according to a BBC article, bilingual people tend to be more analytical, precise, impartial, conciliatory, direct and brief. These are characteristics that could add enormously to your professional development and your life in general.

As you can see, learning English has enormous advantages. Would you like to do it as part of an exchange program? Please contact us so we can advise you.




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