Everything you need to know before going on exchange to the UK

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Do you want to go on exchange to England and want to know everything you need to know about this country? Continue reading.

Studying in the United Kingdom offers a series of advantages of all kinds, making it one of the preferred destinations for an exchange program. Whether you are reading these lines to determine if this is the country where you will go on exchange or if the scales have already tipped in favor of it in this regard, there are certain facts you should know to broaden your knowledge in this regard. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know before going on exchange to the UK.

England is part of the United Kingdom

Some people speak of England and the United Kingdom as if they were synonymous, but the truth of the matter is that the former is one of the four nations that make up the latter; the other three are Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. The capital of the United Kingdom, however, is an English city: London. In contrast, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh, which are respectively the capitals of Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland have the status of devolved national administrations. Finally, it should be noted that the United Kingdom has 14 overseas territories and that the Queen of England is the Head of State of all these territories.

The climate of the United Kingdom

One of the characteristics of this country is the climate, normally humid and rainy. In recent years, due to climate change, this aspect is changing.
The temperature oscillates between -10º and 35º centigrade; it rarely exceeds these limits.

During the winter it snows mostly to the north; in London this occurs infrequently.

Blue sky in London

By the way, London has the reputation of being a gray city, and although this may be true during rainy days, the truth is that both in London and in the UK in general the seasons are well defined so there are days of all kinds. It should also be noted that in London there are no natural beaches but during the summer artificial beaches are installed on the banks of the Thames; the closest natural beaches to London are in Brighton and Southend-on-Sea.

United Kingdom system of government, currency and economy

Queen Elizabeth II

In the United Kingdom, the system of government in force is the parliamentary monarchy. What this means is that although Elizabeth II is the Queen of Great Britain, her power is not absolute but is limited by the laws, which emanate from Parliament. From this deliberative body the Prime Minister is elected, to whom the Queen delegates certain governmental functions.

With respect to currency, despite the fact that until 2019 the United Kingdom will continue to be part of the European Union, this country maintained its currency, the pound sterling at all times; that is, it is among the countries that did not adopt the euro. Now, with respect to the economy, the United Kingdom is a developed country and is considered to have the largest economy in Europe.

How to save when going on exchange to England

This is not to say, however, that life is necessarily expensive in the UK. As in any place, there are lodging, restaurant and transportation options for every pocket.

Asking restaurants to serve you tap water is a common practice for students.
Another of the savings that we recommend is the free tickets offered by some museums in London; where you only pay to enter specific exhibits.

The London Underground is famous all over the world. Buy the London Pass, to have cheaper trips.
It may seem confusing at first, but after a few days of use you will already have it by hand.



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