5 Reasons to make an exchange to Australia

Australia Intercambio

Australia is not just about koalas and kangaroos. There are many reasons to study in that country. Here are five reasons why you should do an exchange in Australia:

A dazzling educational offer

One of the concerns that arise when choosing an educational institution is precisely the quality of its teaching. The same thing can happen when we go on exchange to Australia: we wonder if the education we will receive there will be worth the effort of going to the other side of the world to study. And it is worth it, why? Let’s get to the facts: According to the website, Australia has four cities that are considered among the 25 best cities in the world to study. Not only that, 15 graduates of Australian universities were awarded a Nobel Prize. Thus, it is not surprising that many inventions that are currently an important part of our lives are of Australian origin, as is the case of penicillin, Wifi and ultrasound, among others.

Its official language is English

As if that were not enough, the way to study in these prestigious universities and to communicate in general is by speaking English, the most widely spoken language in this country. In addition, if you go on exchange, the host family will help you reinforce your learning in that regard, which is extremely valuable, especially at the beginning of the exchange program, when your command of the host country language is not as advanced.

A pleasant climate

Sunset in Sydney
Sunset in Sydney

Unlike other English-speaking countries where you need to be warm most of the year, the Australian climate in cities like Sydney and Brisbane is mild, averaging 23 degrees Celsius for most of the year and 14 degrees in the winter, so you will have the opportunity to do many outdoor activities most of the time, without needing to wear a coat!

You meet people from all over the world

Thanks to the advantages of studying in Australia, in 2017 it hosted more than 540,000 students from all over the world. Thus, studying in Australia opens the doors to a universe of new personal relationships from which opportunities of all kinds can arise: from a personal point of view, having new friends is never a bad thing, and as for the professional aspect, each country has particular circumstances that can be capitalized on in business opportunities, so having a good relationship with citizens of other countries can be advantageous from a financial point of view.

A new way of looking at life

Australian culture has points of convergence with Anglo-Saxon culture, due to its history of English colonization, with elements of the indigenous culture of the Aborigines. For this reason, Australia celebrates traditions from the Western world, such as Halloween, Boxing Day and Boxing Day. and Christmas, but they also have their own celebrations such as Australia Day, celebrated on January 26, which commemorates the declaration of Australia as a British colony, and Anzac Day, celebrated on April 25, which remembers the bravery of the soldiers who fell in battle during the military actions carried out in Gallipoli by Australia and New Zealand during the First World War.

Fun is the order of the day

Bondi Beach

You’ll have fun in ways you’d never imagine. As an exchange student in Australia, in your free time you will have the possibility to visit many places: If you are in Sydney, you can enjoy the beautiful Sydney Harbour, walk or surf at Bondi Beach, go to the Opera House or spend a different day at the Darling Harbour Aquarium. If your exchange program is in Brisbane you are very lucky, because you will be very close to Cairns, one of the main tourist destinations in Australia, located just one hour by boat from the Great Barrier Reef.

These are just some of the many tourist sites that you can enjoy during an exchange in Australia. Not to mention that in their cities you will also find theaters, discotheques, casinos, bars, restaurants, libraries, etc. So your exchange doesn’t have to be limited exclusively to studying, you can go out and have the time of your life, meet completely new people and still keep learning all the time.

Finally, as you can see, Australia is a wonderful place, open to exchange students and foreigners in general. In addition, the warmth of Australians makes this country a pleasant place where you can live new experiences on a daily basis. Studying and exploring its diverse flora and fauna, interacting with your host family and the people around you, as well as visiting its different places of interest can offer you one of the best experiences of your life. Are you determined to go on exchange to Australia? Let us help you.

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