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Since the crisis began in 2017 families invest in children’s education by 28% and global student mobility has been increasing to 80% more from 2010 until now .

These figures indicate that in difficult times more is invested in education, i.e. in the future of children.

As a result of this demand, clubs and federations, among other clubs, have joined the summer and sports exchange programs. They are not cheap programs, and they are not affordable for all families and young athletes, but there are not many other alternatives besides the traditional agencies, that is the reality.

The support of sport, international education and the union of general interests between federations/clubs should be sufficient for the global and international development of youth sport.

Via Families has developed a platform where clubs/federations, families and students can carry out international sports exchanges, without agencies or intermediaries, in a simple, economical and safe way.

How does Via families work for families?

Like any other collaborative economy platform, through a registration they create their profile and contact.

There is a registration fee ranging from 39€ to 14€ per month. From there he will be able to contact all athletes like him to travel, meet, or whatever they want.

How does it work for federations and clubs?

Clubs only support the families of their club or federation from their profile. It is a free service for them.

What does Via Families offer?

  • Organize your own sports stay abroad when, where, how and with whom you want.
  • Pay the lowest possible cost.
  • Flexibility and security: by choosing the family yourself you make sure it is what you want, no one better than the families and student athletes themselves know what they need and want.
  • All the experience of 25 years in the world of educational programs abroad at your service.

This is how we work and how we want to help all sportsmen and women who are passionate about travel, active and open to other cultures!



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