Exchange between Nuria and Mayeul (Spain and France)


I am Cristina de Muller. I am delighted to write these lines to tell you about the beautiful experience we have had this summer with the exchange to France of our daughter Nuria, thanks to the website Via Families and its creator and good friend, Ana Trinxet.

It has been a great success. We signed up a few months before the summer, when we found out that this page existed, and we thought it was a great idea. We were fortunate to come into contact with two wonderful families, one in England (whose exchange we have left for next summer) and another in France, with whom we have been lucky enough to do it.

The French family, like us, was looking for an environment similar to their family, natural and trustworthy, where they could send their son Mayeul to practice Spanish and get to know other habits different from their own. In my case, it was a daughter, but since we have five children, there was no problem exchanging them. Nuria spent ten days in her apartment in Bordeaux and her house in Saint Tropez, and Mayeul another ten days in our mountain house in El Montseny.

Family? Lovely! We met her personally when they came to pick up their son Mayeul at home after his 10 days with us. He has been a sunshine and so has his family. We continue to keep in touch, both the children and the parents, and we intend to continue the exchanges between these and other children for many more summers.

I recommend Via Families: it is to feel like a family from the very first moment. Thank you so much Ana for your great work!!!!

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