Do you know the true power of your company’s brand? What benefits can your brand have for your employees? What does your company do for its employees and their families?

One of the problems for HR departments is talent drain, how do you retain that employee, how could a company give something to its employee that they would not get outside the company?

Conscious Companies
are a new approach in the way a company is run, they are those companies that are in charge of improving the world around them, ecosystem, society, sustainability… not only to bill more or earn more, but to empathize with the market and its consumers.

Each company is unique, even though there are products that are the same or very similar, companies distinguish themselves: they have their own philosophy, values, history, principles, mission, objectives… and also a logo or seal that serves to position them in the market and distinguish them from the rest of the products and competition.

Belonging to a company, it situates us and can also verify our identity, it can give us a personal reference of our own:

“-Yes, that’s right, this person works here. She has been a management secretary for 5 years”. for example.

But what does belonging to a company’s community give us, besides being able to add it to our CV?

The seal of an entity is the guarantee of belonging, of current location, a reference for a stranger, a guarantee of your veracity and identity, something very important in the world of collaborative economies where trust, guarantee and security is everything.

Via Families has created this system of identity validation through your company’s brand

Via Families is a platform for linguistic, cultural and sports exchanges. Uniting people with common interests and needs. A collaborative economy where entities (companies, federations, associations, etc.) and consumers collaborate for mutual benefit.

Via Families offers entities:

  1. International visibility through the

  2. A tool to make your organization a committed company.
  3. Build employee loyalty.
  4. Transmit the values of your brand beyond the company.
  5. Empathizes with the needs of the market, its employees/associates and families.

Through Via Families, entities are able to give a lot for very little, just by using their company’s logo and thus promoting international mobility and education.

FREDY KOFMAN VIDEO: Conscientious Businesses

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