Combining sport and travel is undoubtedly a good combination to increase in us, in addition to endorphins, hormones of pleasure and happiness.

Travel provides a broad view of life and provides experiences impossible to acquire otherwise, in ancient times people who wanted to have a good education already traveled abroad.

Nowadays an important part of young people’s education involves travel: agencies, schools, clubs, universities… all offer students courses and programs abroad, not only as a means of language development but also as an indispensable complement to a good education.

Programs, of any kind, abroad are usually more attractive if they are linked to sports, as this facilitates personal relationships and helps the foreign student’s integration.

But why does this happen?

There are several values and references in the sport that unite those who practice it:

  • The rules
  • The effort
  • The value
  • The commitment

These imputs already speak about the person who practices the sport: honesty, education… and even if they do not speak the same language and come from different cultures, sport creates common interests and needs.

Two kids from different countries but with one ball can start playing, they don’t need to talk much, they know the rules of the game and that unites them.

A rule, a behavior, a hobby… can unite you, from the very beginning, with someone you don’t know!

Bringing athletes and students

Together around a sport or hobby is enough to start a good friendship.

  1. Find fans of your sport anywhere in the world
  2. Practice your favorite sport in another country
  3. Share your hobby with new friends

In conclusion, travel and sports are therefore a great combination for the student. Practice your favorite sport, improving your sports, language and cultural skills.

In addition, with Via Families you can meet athletes like you. Finding the counterpart in another country that interests us should not be impossible or expensive!

I leave you this video about “Endorphin and happiness” via the REDES program in which they explain how sport segregates the endorphins that help us to be happy.

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