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Most of us like to pack our bags and go on a trip, escape from monotony, work, stress and routine. Why is that?

Traveling involves

  1. Fun distractions… and awakens our imagination and our expectations, awakens the hormones of happiness.
  2. Learning, knowing, changing, keeps us alive, aware of what we see and know.
  3. Meeting people in other countries and learning about their customs or gastronomy opens our minds, expands our borders and frees us from prejudices. Make us more sociable.
  4. Our health also benefits: insomnia, sadness or depression are reduced when we travel for pleasure, leaving worries behind.
  5. Traveling is a balm for our health, especially when traveling is related to vacations and pleasure!
  6. We become more sociable and open. We understand that there are other ways of living, of expressing opinions and seeing reality. Other cultures, with different tastes and smells.
  7. Increases self-confidence.

It is not necessary to go far away, only to change the environment and learn from the new, to leave ties behind, to give ourselves a gift that we will be able to savor for a long time.

When we come back from a trip, we are unwittingly already planning the next one, is it really a release that takes us away from reality? Traveling makes our hormonal system go to work and secrete a series of hormones that make us feel much better: we get excited and store new memories.

Scientists and studies conducted at San Francisco State University support this theory that happiness is not in buying and having, but in traveling and storing memories, thus investing in a happy future.

Traveling alone, with friends or with family, any of the ways can be positive, each from its own point of view, shared memories or not, intense in the least.

Every day we do a thousand things and how little we remember after a short time, but from a trip we remember thousands of moments, our mind remains open and absorbs images, sounds, smells and tastes. We work our mind in a thousand aspects, using our neurons, it’s like going to the gym of the mind!

I leave you this video from EntreRutas: “10 cheap destinations to travel in 2017”.

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