TRAVEL AND DISCOVER: the world is too small for us!

Travel en la arena

Travel unleashes emotions in us that can help during moments of sadness, awakening our endorphins just as a good song, exercising, or eating chocolate can.

The emotions start with the preparations, as stated by a study published by La Vanguardia: 7 out of 10 people interviewed in a study of 17,000 individuals ( via La Vanguardia).

Most of us love to pack our bags and go on a trip, escaping monotony, work, stress, and routine. It means rest, fun, and distractions. Learning, getting to know new things, and changing keep us alive, aware of what we see and know. Traveling is a gift we give ourselves, and it’s much greater than we realize.

Our health also benefits: insomnia, sadness, or depression are alleviated, leaving worries behind. Meeting people in other countries, learning about their customs or cuisine, opens our minds, broadens our horizons, and frees us from prejudices.

Traveling is a balm for our health, especially when traveling is related to vacations and pleasure!

But humanity has always wanted to explore the unknown, venture into the new, to know and explore. That’s how humans are! Eager to discover, to go further… from the Romans to Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo… the conquest of space is just around the corner, and there’s already talk of trips to Mars…

On April 12, 1961, the first manned spaceflight took place, marking a milestone in our history. Russian Yuri Gagarin piloted a spacecraft that orbited the Earth. Fifty years later, in 2011, the UN General Assembly declared April 12 as International Day of Human Space Flight, celebrated in over 34 countries as “Yuri’s Night.”

Travel shakes us up, moves our foundations to build new ones with more memories, new knowledge, and experiences. It takes us out of our comfort zone and routine, destroys myths, and builds truths.

I’ll leave you with a video:

The Universe: Space Travel

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