Some places of interest that you can visit in Spain

Monfragüe National Park

Are you going to Spain on an exchange program? In this article, you will learn about 5 things that you can’t miss while you are at it.

Spain is considered by many as a multicultural paradise that exhibits a mixture of many trends, leaving in each corner of the country a combination of ancient structures and modern facilities. Its capital, the beautiful Madrid, has hundreds of places for leisure and recreation. Know them below:

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum)

We will start our journey with this museum, which offers its visitors not only the possibility of witness Guernica, Pablo Picasso’s famous painting but also holds exhibitions that portray the purest moments of art to the point of tearing apart the most dynamic conceptualisms such as those of the exposition Dada Ruso 1914-1924.

El Palacio Real de Madrid (Madrid’s Royal Palace)

Madrid's Royal Palace
Madrid’s Royal Palace

Now’s the turn for Madrid’s luxurious Royal Palace, built by King Felipe V (1683-1746). There, you’ll find the Real Botica, a pharmacy founded by King Felipe II in 1594. It’s the predecessor of the current pharmacy faculties, laboratories, and establishments. Also, in the Royal Palace, you will find the Royal Armory which has an outstanding collection of armors and weapons owned by kings and other members of the Royal House of Spain that will blow your mind.

El Museo de Cera de Madrid (Madrid’s Wax Museum)

Speaking of mind-blowing experiences, watching our idols on the TV is always wonderful, but seeing them in person is not that common, is it? The Museo de Cera, founded on February 14, 1972, offers let’s you stand face to face with sculptures of historical figures ranging from Napoleon Bonaparte to Barack Obama, artists such as Justin Bieber and Leonardo Di Caprio and sports stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Pelé, among other 450.

El Parque de las 7 tetas (7 tits’ Park)

Madrid also offers you a large natural area with a particular name, the Parque de las 7 tetas, an incredible place that owes its name to the 7 hills located in that place. It has a bar or “chiringuito”, as it is known, and a viewpoint. So get ready to take some good pictures there and have a blast with friends.

Monfragüe National Park

Monfragüe National Park
Monfragüe National Park

Outside Madrid, specifically in the Cáceres region, you’ll find the Monfragüe National Park, which, just like the Parque de las 7 tetas, is entry free. Also, it remains open 24 hours a day, each day of the year. Take your backpack and walk by this park’s authorized trails always taking care of its natural spaces. Feeding the animals is not allowed.

El barrio la Latina y el Mercado de la Cebada (La Latina neighborhood and the Barley Market)

A good way to crown this tour by Madrid is by having a few drinks and share time with your friends-or a new flame maybe? This can be done in the La Latina neighborhood. Once there you can visit the streets of Cava Alta and Cava Baja, which have restaurants of great fame thanks to their polite treatment to customers and exquisite food, deserving special mention in that regard the starry eggs of Casa Lucio.

You may also visit the renowned Viaduct of Segovia and shop in the Mercado de la Cebada, one of the largest markets in Madrid where you can get a smoothie to relieve your hangover, in case you had too many bravas and chupitos.

Those were just some of the many places to visit for those who go to Spain on an exchange program. Have you decided yet? Live the experience. Contact us.

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