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There are many things to do in Australia, besides being an excellent destination country for student exchange.

On the other hand, this country has a cultural richness based mainly on the fusion of the customs of the indigenous people of the area fused with British customs. Australia was a colony of the United Kingdom and one of its celebrations is the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II (as you will see below); in fact, Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of State of Australia.

This beautiful country is ideal for opening up to new ways of seeing the world, as it offers a good quality of life, great natural attractions and ethnic diversity. Going on an exchange program in Australia is the best opportunity to live a unique and unforgettable experience.

Find out why hosting students is a fulfilling and enriching experience.

By the way, when you go on exchange to this country, in addition to fulfilling your study responsibilities, you will also be able to enjoy the traditional events and festivities known worldwide for their spectacular fireworks, beauty and joy. In this article we will let you know what are the main festivals, holidays and festivals that take place in Australia.

Sydney Festival

The celebration lasts about 20 days from the second week of January until the end of the month. It includes outdoor musical and performing arts performances by a thousand artists, fireworks and regattas.

Australia’s National Day

January 26th is Australia’s official National Day. On this occasion, Arthur Philip’s arrival in Sydney is celebrated with the eleven ships of the first European fleet to set foot on Australian soil. It is commemorated with sporting and cultural events, picnics and barbecues. In addition, during this day the Prime Minister presents the Australian of the Year award and citizenship ceremonies are held to welcome immigrants.

Aquatic Carnival

This carnival is held in Tasmania during the month of February and is famous for its competitions and regattas attended by schoolchildren, scouts and others who dress up as famous people.

Perth Festival

Perth Festival

This festival, which begins at the end of the year and lasts until April, is attended by the top representatives of various artistic expressions. Therefore, live performers, plays, films, new books, etc. are presented during the Perth festival.

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

This festival takes place in late February and early March and includes a colorful parade in the streets of Oxford Street. It is attended by a large number of Australian and foreign artists.

Melbourne Moomba Waterfest

This festival takes place on the second Monday of March in Melbourne during the Labor Day weekend, which is a mandatory holiday in Australia. These dates are for family recreation, so everyone who attends this festival can participate in the events of this festival as the Birdman Rally, a competition in which the protagonists are people who ride gliders and jump from a bridge or pier. This day also features the coronation of the Moomba kings, floats and water sports, live music shows and fireworks.

Adelaide Arts Festival

If you are passionate about art we have good news for you: from March 3 to 19 is your great opportunity to attend this wonderful festival where you will enjoy plays, dances, renowned writers and visual arts.

International Fringe Festival

Like Adelaide, Fringe is a non-profit alternative event, where groups of talented people have the opportunity to present their work and share it with the world.

Grape Harvest Festival

In March you can enjoy the beautiful Adelaide Hills, as well as taste exquisite Australian wines in costume and enjoy a golf challenge. Don’t miss this great festival and enjoy the fresh air.

Sydney Royal Agricultural Show

Are you a foodie? Note this date: April 24. On this day, in Parramatta Park, located 24 kilometers from Sydney, you will be able to eat roast beef with berries and vegetables, appreciate Australian agriculture and livestock.

Anzac Day (Armed Forces Day)

ANZAC stands for the Australian and New Zealand Armed Forces, and they are honored on April 25. This date was chosen because the Battle of Gallipoli against the Ottoman Empire took place on April 25, 1915, in which more than 8,000 ANZAC soldiers lost their lives to the Ottoman Empire over a period of 8 months.

ANZAC cookies

On this day there is a mass that begins at exactly 4:38 a.m. in which minutes of silence are held, then the hymn is sung and flowers are placed; also “Two up” is played, a betting game with coins in which the ANZAC soldiers participated and that during ANZAC day can be played anywhere in the country, and ANZAC cookies are prepared, a very resistant type of cookies that the soldiers’ wives used to prepare.

Melbourne Comedy Festival

This festival has been held in the city of Melbourne for more than 30 years, bringing together the best comedians of the city during April and May.

Motorcycle World Grand Prix

At the end of August, the spotlight shifts to motorcycling, one of the sports that arouse the interest of fans. The event takes place at the permanent circuit in Phillip, Victoria.

Adelaide Cup

If you are passionate about the equestrian world, during the month of May there is a thoroughbred horse race, in which only horses purchased at auctions participate. There you will also enjoy good music, wine tasting and the colorful carnival.

Labor Day

It is known as the 8-hour day or May Day. It is a day of enjoyment and mandatory rest.

Sydney Writers Festival

At the end of May, it is the ideal time for literary enthusiasts to meet great writers of different genres. Get motivated and participate in writing and storytelling activities. This festival takes place in Sydney, at Walsh Bay, also at the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Town Hall and the Blue Mountains.

Birthday of the Queen of England

This holiday is celebrated in most of Australia except Queensland and Western Australia, usually on the second Monday of June, but this varies according to the locality. Australians have three days off, which they use to spend time with family, enjoy a barbecue, go for a walk or just relax at home. It is also the beginning of the first snowfalls.

Melbourne Film Festival

This ancient festival is held from August 2 to 19, and in it you can enjoy the short and feature films of the moment, made not only by large corporations but also by film enthusiasts.

Alice Springs Camel Cup

This activity takes place on July 14. in Alice Spring. It is a camel race, and it is really impressive that this animal can run 65km/h for a period of one hour. Of course, the winner gets a prize, but not only do you enjoy the race but also the fairs and the open-air market set up on site.

Yuendumu Festival

During the first week of August, this event is prepared with the intention of carrying out a cultural exchange where competitions are held with guest teams from other communities, including sports disciplines such as basketball, soccer and softball. At the end comes the joy with music and dances.

Darwin Beer Can Regatta

If you want to recycle cans and bottles and, of course, spend a fun sunny day with your family on the beach of Mindil with your can regatta and many activities, thong throwing, kayaking, racing with your regatta and of course a few beers, be sure to go to this festival.

Great Sydney Marathon

The big marathon will be held on September 15. Every year more and more people continue to join this event, since its route is like a tourist walk. Indeed, runners in this marathon pass through historic sites such as Harbour Brige and the Opera House. Also, this race has several distance modalities.

Pearl Festival O Shinju Matsuri

From August 28 to September 6, this festival is held in honor of the thriving pearl industry, its heritage and culture. During the same period, various cultural events are held where you can relax and feel at home.

Australian Football Final

In Melbourne, soccer fans gather during the months of March and September to support their favorite team. Of course, the expected day is the grand final and the Australians celebrate the victory of the winning team.

West Australian Folk Festival

For those who are passionate about folk music and traditional dances, do not miss this festival held in September in the town of Toodyay, which is very popular with tourists.

Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000

It is a race that has a distance of one thousand kilometers and is made with modified cars (tourist cars). It takes place over the Labor Day long weekend at the Mount Panorama Circuit in New South Wales.

Montsalvat Jazz Festival

This event takes place on September 26 on the grounds of Montsalvat. Naturally, there you can enjoy the Jazz Festival performances, art exhibitions, fine dining and beautiful gardens. It is also possible to play billiards.


This is one of the most significant and important dates worldwide; in Australia it is also celebrated, but not with such popularity due to the small number of believers. Families get together and eat roast turkey, ham and plum pudding, although other Australian families on this day prefer to prepare an Australian-style barbecue outdoors and go for a picnic on Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated after Christmas. Solidarity values are promoted by sharing gifts and making donations. Its origin dates back to the Ancient Ages, when the noble class used to give baskets of food to their servants.

New Year

The New Year is also celebrated in Australia with lots of joy, music and fireworks. The celebration is centered on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, where four fireworks displays are held.

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