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What are the skills that young people have to develop today? It is not enough to study a career and speak several languages.

Sixteen percent of the world’s population is represented by people aged 15 to 24, equivalent to 1.2 billion young people. They face almost three times more unemployment, low quality jobs or inequality in the labor market than adults.

The United Nations, together with the Permanent Missions of Portugal and Sri Lanka, UNESCO and the International Labour Organization, are creating today (June 15) World Youth Skills Day to raise awareness of the importance of investing in youth education.

The UN estimated the number of unemployed youth worldwide at 74.5 million. 1 out of 5 young people (125 million) work, but their wages are very low. Considering that the labor situation is more complex and competitive, we must prepare the new generations, developing their skills and providing them with tools.

To succeed in the job market, good education and training are essential.

What are those skills and/or competencies that are recommended to be developed?

In addition to theoretical knowledge, companies are looking for young people with soft skills, such as teamwork, collaboration, imagination and leadership.

According to the 2018 Global Education and Skills Forum (Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF)), recommends the development of competencies such as the tolerance, empathy, critical thinking and creativity. Complementing them with those mentioned in the “.The Future of Jobs of the World Economic Forum”, which are the problem solving, emotional intelligence, decision making, customer orientation, negotiation and cognitive flexibility.

Young people are more informed than ever, for better or worse. This new situation makes them interested and motivated to change the world, investigate and understand it.

Traveling is undoubtedly the best way for young people to reinforce their personal and curricular skills. Student exchanges help young people to develop their personal and academic tools, become open-minded, empathetic and friendly.

At Via Families we promote the education of all young people around the world. Connecting families internationally for student exchanges between families.

The aim is to enable young people to contribute to the company by improving performance and productivity.

“Education will not change the world, it changes the people who are going to change the world” – Pablo Freire-.

I leave you a video in which Pablo Heinig (electrical mechanical engineer and PhD student in Leisure and Human Potential Development and professor at ESADE Business School in Barcelona) proposes a method to think, feel and act according to the people we want to be.

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